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I'm not sure I see how that entitles him to a good pov of what's being a mutant in the 20th/21th century is like. I mean, I don't know that much about Cable's History, but didn't he spend most of his life in the future?-

A fair bit of it, including studying the time period. And, like, a decade or so in the present, including being involved in mutant politics and running a country.


So everything seems to be 'dismissive' because of who she is.

She didn't make a venom-spilled triad or get angry or anything, which is what I'd expect from the reaction I'm seeing. I seem to have read the tone of the scene *completely* differently than a couple of posters here.

-There are a lot of expressions; some of them are really fucking stupid.-

But she actually made a good point.

Oh please. She was talking, he didn't interrupt because he is polite. Then she runs off.-

Then she finishes, he doesn't say anything, she tells him he's going, he doesn't say "Hope, wait one moment," before she goes (and she would stop and listen if he did), or so on.
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