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X-Men Schism - A third (or fourth) party POV

We've heard Cyclops and Logan's reasoning for their views in Schism, and also Hope's rather (IMHO) dismissive references to Xavier's approach.

But there is another group in the X-verse, with minds of their own.

Dani calls a meeting to get the opinions of the team. Sam and Xian have already made their choice to leave for Westchester and Dani is fine with their choices since it's what they feel they need to do).

Even I think Doug is looking a little... Peter Cushing-y in that panel. Nice that it's Warlock who suggests that things might not be entirely black and white, even if Dani was already thinking along the same lines...

Dani does decide to talk to Gus, the therapist she engaged for Utopia a couple of issues ago. He asks her outright who she is choosing to side with.

Now THIS is reasoning I can get behind, and the New Mutants are probably the best team for it.

I was thinking about it and I think the membership has been in more teams than any other X-group; Dani has worked with SHIELD and the Mutant Liberation Front (undercover), Warlock was in Excalibur (during his Douglock phase), Sunspot was in X-Force, Magma has been in two incarnations of the Hellions (one under a different psyche) and so on (Shame Sam's not stll with them, he was an actual X-Man)

And the end result? The team decides to move away from Utopia, but not to Westchester (shame, I still want to see Doug reunite with his parents) and choose set up shop in a three storey house at 1128 Mission Street in San Fransico's. (An address which exists, but which is actually the local Government building, for those who follow such things)
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As does the human approach of "freakish monsters vs good ordinary folk", which Xavier has had to deal with a whole lot more of in his life than she has in hers. The fact it's lessened somewhat now than it was before, is thanks to him, not her.

Well, yes, and she doesn't even disagree with that.

Her basic point "We need to have humans and mutants seeing each other as just folks" is fine, but it's both hideously simplistic and naively expressed. -

Gonna have to flat-out disagree with you here. It's not a hideously simplistic point, any more than "I want to focus it on being a blessing and not a curse" is, and it's not exactly naive either, she has had some very hands-on experience in the area and a view based on what is-to-come.

Also to the point, while you're talking a lot about how the idea is presenting, who she's presenting it too, etc... in terms of the meat of the idea, it is still a rather relevant argument to make.

-She has no idea what Xavier has sacrificed and given up to get even THIS far.-

It's not like she doesn't know his history, but more to the point I think Xavier would be one of the first to say that he of all people should not be off-limits for people to tell their views on mutant-relations to because of what he's gone through.

Hope definitely could've been more diplomatic... but she is not wrong for presenting the point to him.

Which is why it's important that she's NOT saying it to them in an aggressive manner.-

What she actually said was a fair bit worse there to the subject in question, so I'd disagree with that.

What you say does matter, not just how one says it.