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Since we've had all those spirited discussions about Hope's criticism of Xavier's school; and then contrasted with Dani's criticism of both Logan and Scott's position after Schism; I thought it'd be interesting to post some other scans from Generation Hope; right at the start of Schism, which explores the History of mutants, as a counterpoint:

It starts with Idie being surprised by the idea that stopping Sentinels is the thing to do; since she views herself as a mutants as a monster. Laurie tries to explain that Sentinels aren't really for protecting humans from evil mutants.

I hadn't noticed at the time, but in retrospect with all this discussion - oh, Hope, honey. You really should be more interested in the past.

Laurie and Idie go to the museum, and they find Kenji already here (he came early to see the old Sentinel's design, cuz it's a classic. (Kenji cracks me up, have I mentioned that before? :))

While Laurie and Kenji continue their discussion, Idie wanders in the museum and finds Prodigy in front of a portrait of Stryker, saying: "I know that people like him have to be here. It's part of the story. Doesn't mean I like it much."

And he ends with "but you know the sickest thing of all? It could be worse."

And then the attack against the X-Men at the museum happens and Idie is alone to be able to stop it.

But Hope knew all about that, right?

Date: 2011-11-14 05:09 pm (UTC)
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Have to disagree there, the "fallout" from things like Cataclysm and NML were minimal to say the least. They'd STILL be rebuilding parts of Gotham if Cataclysm were being handled remotely realistically. The Clench has never been mentioned since, and going into the insanity which was declaring a part of the continental USA no longer part of the USA and then reversing it within a year would take a lot longer than I can type for.

Date: 2011-11-14 05:40 pm (UTC)
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Actually, in a lot of Greg Rucka's work, for example the run that introduced Whisper and Abbot, they had a lot of fallout. In Gotham Central and stories outside of GC that involved Renee Montoya it came up quite a lot, for example. And the Clench returned in a more recent story where it turned out that it had infected some of the Batcave bats, who infected Alfred, who caused the Bat Family to be all sad as they waited for a cure to show up.

It was even shown in the flashbacks of Batman's past during Final Crisis.


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