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There's a little ":(" in there too, since Jason gives up the memory to go into the Chamber of All and tells the person who grabbed it that he can keep it. So I don't think Jason no longer has that memory.
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I second this comment.

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The costumes look insanely uncomfortable (and again; TOO MANY LINES) but that IS a very sweet moment.
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Ah, the pre-crowbar days.
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Also, I just noticed: they retconned it so that Jason wore a red domino mask during his Robin days?

I like it.

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Very bittersweet. I like it.

Any chance of showing any of what they show of Starfire's memories?

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Awww! Bruce is actually a cutie in DCnU. ♥

Still waiting to see how Damian came to be in DCnU if he's still Bruce's son with Talia and he still had Dick, Jason, and Tim as Robins early in his crime-fighting career.
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I thought that there was an image or two explaining something about a night of passion between Bruce and Talia in Batman and Robin issue 2?

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I felt so many feelings at this part fjldskjfl. It was so good to see the softer side of the Bruce and Jason relationship, when all anyone thinks about when they hear Jason Todd is a big crowbar. I got fuzzy in so many ways.

I also LOVED Starfire's memory. Say what you want about her, but anyone who's that badass at ~10 years old is just plain awesome. I'm so happy with her characterization in this issue; they're finally bringing back our ass kicking alien princess.

This issue in general was really good. Glad I stuck with it even after that awful first issue.
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I LOVED!!!! mini Kori so much! I love that her most cherished memory is of her pride and strength when things are worst for her!

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What ever happened to the "no suits in the manor" rule? Man I miss those days.
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A good parent picks their battles wisely.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I love it oh God
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Hee, Alfred said telly. ^^ Hurrah for British slang!
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I love when Bruce acts like a good parental figure in the comics, I really do. <3 And I really like Jason's Robin costume, it's really...well, Jason.

I feel like I'm going to be buying anything Rocafort draws, I love his style.

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The noise I made when I got to that last page was not human.

Away with the haters, I'm enjoying the characters and the humor in this book. I want it forever.

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So many feelings!! ::bites fist:: So, precious...

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Bat-Dads are the best dads.

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I have no idea what was even going on in the rest of this issue, but this last bit...

It's nice. I put it up there with "photograph of Bruce and Jason playing baseball," and "reference to Jason and Dick camping trip", and "chilli dog".

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Batman always wearing this Jim Lee-esque costume in all points of his carreer is starting to annoy me and bother me.. I mean, didn't the Dark Knight ever use nor produce any other costumes??
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Yeah, there's a sort of reluctance to accept that comics can be blatantly absurd to the designs.

Batman wore a cloth outfit and the early Robin's outfit redefined "improbable superhero gear". Retconning in some impossibly streamlined and flexible body armour I don't mind, but making everything line-etched body armour from the outset is just... taking the whole thing too damn seriously for my tastes.

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This is a cute memory (though from the sounds of it, kind of tragic that he gives it up). But to me, this whole scene is...overdrawn, I guess I'd call it. It seems...I dunno...too busy. The costumes are a big part of it.

Also, I just have a hard time imaging that Alfred would call a TV a 'telly'. Seems, I dunno, too Cockney.

[personal profile] whitesycamore 2011-11-17 07:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Also, I just have a hard time imaging that Alfred would call a TV a 'telly'. Seems, I dunno, too Cockney.

I'm curious, are you British yourself? Because as a Brit I think "telly" sounds perfectly feasible coming from Alfred. It's not a word associated particularly with cockneys, at least. And I should know, since my grandmother's one.

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Their outfits look like anime-robot uniforms! And I'm liking the art here.

And also, awwwwwwww.
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The memories of Roy and Kory both had things that made them feel off, but this is great!