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the fabulous (and no so fabulous) women of Avengers Academy 22

Emma Being Fabulous

Hawkeye being an asshat, Emma and Tigra being Fabulous :D (can they be my hags? or is the proper term fruit fly? i admit to not using all my people's vernacular :D

Hazmat campaigning for asshat of the year against Finn Hudson.

can he write Emma Frost forever? :D

oooh side bar... can't you just imagine Doctor Doom in Tigra's outfit? that's right... i went there....

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[personal profile] nyadnar17 2011-11-17 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
Is light speed actually gay or is that dude just a presumptuous ass?
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Done that

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Ever seen someone who was obviously attracted to someone of the same gender and just didn't want to admit it? I have, and I tried to help by pretty much confronting them with my observations. They then responded they were tired of hearing people tell them to "come out of the closet" and that they weren't ready to try experimenting. Chances are that Lightspeed's already heard everything Hazmat just said at least half a dozen times.
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Haha, good bits. Missing a somewhat strange character moment for Finesse, where she moves aggressively against magneto in defence of her mentor Quicksilver, which is a new direction, but interesting.

I haven't decided if she's playing Quicksilver by asking him to teach her about his methods, or really moving her fixation. Maybe both?

Although the fact that Magneto could be touched at all by Finesse's billy club would be pretty disappointing to me if I were a budding supervillain who had idolized Mags as the ultimate bad guy.
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Accept it for her sake.
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The funniest part had to be Hawkeye insisting that bad guys never should be let on the good guy teams and always betrayed them. Looked in the mirror lately Clint?

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That is the dumbest argument for someone being LGBT that I've ever heard.

"Go team girls" isn't any different from saying "Girl power" or such. And the fact that Julie's power gives off a rainbow effect doesn't make her in anyway homosexual. Her brother and sister have both used the same Acceleration power, do that mean her whole family is gay?

Also "I'm not phobic" she could have fooled me. Calling her "Double Rainbow Barbie" last issue, naturally assuming that Julie's a lesbian because she's single, "You can't decide what team to play for", telling her to come out. It makes me hope that Julie isn't actually LGBT just to show that you can't just assume like that.

God that's a terrible scene.
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Isn't Emma's comment on Tigra's costume a negative compliment?
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Eh, she probably thinks that Rainbow Dash is gay as well because of her hair and tomboyishness.

RD MIGHT be, but saying she is just because of her hair colouring and love of sports is kind of presuming a lot.
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sweet crap, i hate hazmat.
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i loved emma in this, i don't even care.

and lmao when finesse called mags sad and old. guuurl.

also, i want julie away from these horrible kids. ;__;
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I don't hate Hazmat because I understand where she's coming from. There's so much pain and anger there. On one level she knows karma's going to bite her on the butt for the way she's acting, but on another level she's all, "Screw it, I'm in so much pain already I won't even feel it."
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It's funny. Hazmat of course continues to be unlikable, though I do at least always wonder what mean thing she'll do or say next, but I find her and Mettle as a couple cute if not amusingly dysfunctional.
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I really love Emma Frost here. She's being so snarky about Tigra's outfit, but given the clothes she wears herself, I think she probably actually approves of the outfit. Which is just... Emma.
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For some reason, I thought Emma was being completely sincere.