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Emma Being Fabulous

Hawkeye being an asshat, Emma and Tigra being Fabulous :D (can they be my hags? or is the proper term fruit fly? i admit to not using all my people's vernacular :D

Hazmat campaigning for asshat of the year against Finn Hudson.

can he write Emma Frost forever? :D

oooh side bar... can't you just imagine Doctor Doom in Tigra's outfit? that's right... i went there....

Date: 2011-11-17 04:25 pm (UTC)
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There's so much more you could do with Julie, she has so much history. She was the smartest of the Power kids so she could bond with Pym or Finesse, she was the first of the Power Pack to kill in battle so she could talk about that with Mettle and Striker, she tried to quit being a hero very recently.

I agree, here. Julie's always had a lot of layers, and it got jettisoned in the Loners/Excelsior for the 'sort-of-ditz' persona she was mis-written there, and should've been ignored.


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