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From a CBR article and preview on the new Ray title

Meet Lucien Gates.... lifeguard, genuinely nice guy, and hero.

From the CBR interview with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin grey

Gray: Lucien is vastly different in every way except the similarity of light-based powers; he's a lifeguard from San Diego, carefree, easy going, adopted by new age pseudo hippie parents and in love with a girl who works for a talent agency.

Palmiotti: We set out to create a character that the audience can simply relate to in a lot of different ways, someone likable that, when given these abilities, chooses a course of action I think a lot of us would.

Along those lines, who is Lucien Gates? What can you tell us about the character?

Gray: We started thinking about Lucien as represented by light, and with that came the need to do something optimistic and bright, the kind of superhero who is modern and yet still retains some of the old school action hero comics. There's no soul-crushing drive behind his actions, which is why we made him a lifeguard -- to show he had heroic tendencies before gaining superpowers. Much of the series is grounded in Lucien's life outside the costume and how it often serves as an escape. Its like bungee jumping; people do that for the rush and the excitement. Sometimes, they do it to escape their personal lives.

I'm liking what I hear of this, but I've always been a sucker for the "ordinary guy is granted powers whether he likes it or not and makes the best of it" school of origins.

A striking splash page to start with;

And simply because it's Tuesday and I want some eye candy, a scene showcasing Lucien in his OTHER working clothes...

The origin actually makes me think of both Dr Light II (The Kimiyo Hoshi version I hasten to assure you) and the Will Payton Starman from the 1980's. Those are good credentials IMHO.

And as [personal profile] master_nate  mentions below. Jamal Igle has a DA page, which has the original pencils, for those (like me) who like such things.

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Yeah, it's... really insipid. I guess better color could help. It certainly couldn't hurt, but that suit wouldn't be great no matter what the colorist did.

Think I'll wait a while on this.


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