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Axel Alonso spoils Avengers Academy

Axel Alonso’s comment in a recent interview on CBR, talking about diversity in Marvel characters:

Also, Striker just came out of the closet in “Avengers Academy,” and Wiccan and Hulkling continue to play a huge role in “Young Avengers/Avengers: Children’s Crusade.” I feel like I’m just getting started.”

“Just came out?” Or… about to come out? Christos Gage has been tweeting:

“Regarding Striker: Make sure to pick up AVENGERS ACADEMY #23 in a couple weeks. I’ll have a lot more to say when the story’s out!”

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Source is Bleeding Cool.
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Panel 2 he's leaning back, getting his right ready (this is called an "antic", and is meant to alert the audience something will happen with that hand), then in panel three he's running and firing with the opposite hand. The antic is wasted.

Except that the "antic" appears to be for the purposes of expression; he's throwing up BOTH his hands in confusion or an "I give up on this" body language, at something that has just gone on between him and Julie, so it's done it's job, it's not wasted.

So there really is no "opposite" hand, both are in use, and in fact it;'s the one closest to Julie which does the zapping, so it makes more sense than crossing his right arm over to fire at something on his left.

Saying the ring is on the wrong side presumes you know the layout of the entire structure, which you don't (nor do we know how much was revealed about it's layout in earlier pages. I am guessing it's a large structure for flight training, so it having many rings to fly through to test accuracy and turning circle makes a whole lot of sense.
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[personal profile] nezchan 2011-11-27 01:15 am (UTC)(link)
The one most recognizable part of the structure is the ring, which the artist establishes in panel 2. There's clearly nothing to the left of it, and she's heading to the right of it. There's a straight line between the two characters. In panel 3 there's still a straight line, she hasn't gone very far (although he's had time to go from rearing back to a full run, nice trick) and yet she's now on the opposite side of that very recognizable element. There's still a straight line between the two characters, and he hasn't moved very far, which means the ring must have got up and moved on its own.

That, my friend, is crap continuity, and just plain sloppy. Amateur quality work at best.

Oh, and I know there's very little to the left of the ring. Know why? Because the artist shows us that in panel 2.
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[personal profile] icon_uk 2011-11-27 08:26 am (UTC)(link)
The one most recognizable part of the structure is the ring, which the artist establishes in panel 2

Sorry, but there two major assumptions in that one sentence. 1) that we haven't already seen this in a previous page which may establish that it has more than one ring. 2) That the ring is the SAME one in both panels, when there's nothing to suggest that's the case

Because the artist shows us that in panel 2.

Which is not the first page of the issue, nor even the first page of the scene, so the setup need not be as you are assuming it is

You may indeed be correct, but you are making a general complaint based on one out of context page, and that's premature.
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My assumption is grounded in the fact that the artist explicitly shows us Julie's flight path.

In panel 2 it goes from the ground towards a structure that is noticeably different from the surroundings, unique in the scene. In panel 3, according to the flight path that the artist has drawn, she hasn't gone very far from where she took off (note on the left of the panel, the path originates on the ground, and she's not that far from Striker - you'd expect her to gain ground quickly if she's flying - she's just passed an identical structure, again the only thing we've seen that looks like that. It's not unreasonable at all to expect them to be the same structure, and if the artist is treating it as if they're two different structures given the context the artist themselves laid down, then I don't consider them a good artist as far as backgrounds are concerned.

As to the first page, etc., the structure is shown coming into view (i.e., the "camera" is panning to it) on this page, so that is the context necessary. The rest of the issue is not necessary to see that continuity on this page is a mess, any more than it's necessary to see that the poses are awkward, or that she has really weird arms in the last panel. Bad comic art speaks for itself.