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More Parenting With David Cain

AKA Dave teaches MiniCass freerunning!

Oddly this fits with City of Light, but not from the usual canon. I mean, I thought that point of her rejection of killing came from seeing someone die for the first time? Or maybe it was because it was her doing it in closerange, as opposed to someone else doing it whilst she watched from a rooftop?

Also, was this scene cut from the trade? I'm sure it wasn't in it, which makes me worried about what other things they've editted out if that's the case.
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Re: God, her childhood is moment after moment of tearjerker

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I've always been astonished at how far Marvel has gone into pushing X-23 into an A-Lister (and I think they've done a good job at it) while DC has their own version of that kind of character set within their biggest franchise and tied to their biggest seller (much like Laura and Wolverine) and yet DC has treated Cass like some kind of misfit, or red-headed stepchild and outright disrespected at every turn (despite being probably their most successful Women of Color heroine ever, carrying a solo title for 73 issues).

Just from a sales/marketing/business perspective I've never really understood DC's treatment of Cassandra (a cute teenage Asian ninja girl who is the adopted daughter of Batman sells itself) which is why I do believe there are certain segments at Editorial at DC (Dan Didio foremost) who just don't like the character.

Re: God, her childhood is moment after moment of tearjerker

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Eh, considering her origins. (IE: Created for the X-men: Evolution cartoon) I suspect it was more a "create a teenage Wolverine to fit in with the rest of the cast" thing.