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From Batgirl 51
Babs is chilling in Cass' new apartment that Bruce gave to Cass during his brief attempt to force her into retirement, it's just a shame that Cass'll only have it for a few issues before heading off to Bludhaven. Anyways, I like this sequence as it says a lot of interesting things about Cass' character, her living habits as a result of her childhood and obliviousness regarding Alfred's housework.

Note: this was before Barbara called Cass stupid for not knowing how to read.

And as an added extra, here's some people recreating a fight scene with the Arkham City version of Catwoman, and it is BADASS.

Date: 2011-12-01 06:19 pm (UTC)
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Thanks to that one scene in Outsiders this just makes me go "This is that awkward time Cass forgot to leave the towel in the bathroom". XD

But yeah. This is adorable.


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