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Megacrime, Inc.

Two and four pages from DAREDEVIL 5 and 6 respectively...

Last issue, Daredevil stumbled onto a joint venture between various terrorist organizations (the fictional, superhero comics kind, not the frightening real world kind) to incorporate all their shell companies through Latveria.

The thing in his hands is a database of confidential information on the five cartels' operations, unhackable and indestructible, cannibalized from Reed Richards tech.

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I recognize HYDRA and AIM, but who are the other three groups (Aren't the red cloaked guys the Secret Empire? Are they even still around?)
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No, he’s just worried about his friend. “Poor Matt, I bet he’s really needing some more hot chicks right now. I’ll throw three or four more supermodel-level willing beauties in his room, I’m sure this time most of them will survive.”
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My little sister, when I approached her about the tendency of Matt's girlfriends to drop dead, came up with a solution!
Get him a boyfriend.

I (half) kid.

OR, you know, be creative and get him a girl who DOESN'T look like a supermodel. How about a normal-looking girl who smells really really nice, or is just super likable? Not like Matt judges by looks, anyway.
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They were last seen, I think, in Taskmaster's latest mini. So, yes, they do seem to be around.

If that mini is even in canon, that is. It's portrayal of Tasky goes directly against the previous, Udon art, mini and his subsequent guest appearances in Agent X and Deadpool.
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Double-finned helmet's from Black Spectre, and so might just be a lady..

Sort-of-ankh guy, by elimination, is from Agencé Byzantine, which seems to be an all-new group of bad.
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That sort-of-ankh thingie looks kinda like the Zodiac Key to me. Maybe there's a connection.
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My very thoughts, it's a very Zodiac Key type motif.
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So wait... the Mandrill had his own terrorist organization made up of women he brainwashed with his powers?

I kinda presume the gas masks are filled with more of his pheremones, so they don't fall out of his power at inopportune times while on assignment.
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The Secret Empire have been around lately, AFAIK. They've shown up in the Nomad backup where she and Arana/Spidergirl were hunting them down.

The one design looks that guy serving a new version of Scorpio's Zodiac cartel? The guy in blue, I got no idea.

....does some googling....

Okay, his outfit looks nothing like the old ones, but if Bruiser's sponsorship logos are any indication, then one of them is probably a new version of the Serpent Society.