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Now that I've finally gotten all my items back from the last NYCC (I had one of my sketchbooks being worked on at the artist's home after the con) I can post my complete haul plus one I received unrelated to the con.

I'll split this up into my non Tomorrow Woman sketches and my Tomorrow Woman sketches. Because they're about half and half either way. XD

The first few involve Cir-El.

The first is Cir-El drawn my Sarah Oleksyk a self publishing artist. She focus' on more human characters than super heroics but one of my con acquaintances suggested I give her a shot and I think she pulled off Mia well.

The next artist hardly needs to be identified Art Baltazar of Tiny Titans fame drawing Cir-El and Protector.

The last of the Cir-El's is drawn by Jeremy Dale who self publishes a book named Skyward and regularly posts fun sketches on his blog.

I asked him to draw an idea I wanted to see for a while. Cir-El as she'd be in the Young Justice toon-verse. It's become a bit of a running joke that Superboy always seems to lose his shirt in the show or it gets damaged etc... Heck, he even just plain ripped it off one episode. And Wally responds in the only way he can. 

Cir-El is not amused. 

I've wanted to branch into getting other characters drawn for a while and asked Penelope Gaylord or pengpeng as she goes by on deviantart to draw Warchest of Dynamo 5 fame. 

The next two pieces are by JK Woodward artist of Fallen Angel fame, last year I asked him to draw Zauriel so this year I thought outside of the box and asked for two sketches. One of which started my new sketchbook.

The first has Aura and Azure Balmung of the .hack GU series (video games/anime). Aura being the God(dess) of the virtual game "The World" which is a massive MMORPG ala World of Warcraft and she's necessary to the entire cyber reality, without her the systems simply can't function in her world. Azure Balmung is one of her three Knights who defend the system from viral intrusions. 


And the second piece by him which started my new sketchbook is a Bloodlines themed book where I'm hoping to have each New Blood teaming up with a different DC character whether battling them or teaming up. I'm hoping to go in vague order of character appearance/publication. So Layla is the first as she fight's DC's top female Wonder Woman (as a reference to Lobo wanting to fight Superman since he was the toughest Earth male).  

The next two are Titans related characters to a degree. 

This first piece is by Jacob Chabot of X-Babies fame (amongst other credentials) as he draws the possible future daughter of Hawk (Hank Hall) and Dove (Dawn Granger) named Unity who in her future used the abilities she gained from her parents to end the reign of the mysterious Monarch in the Hawk and Dove annual in Armageddon 2001 in one possible future (before DC decided Hawk WAS Monarch).

The next one is a fun two-fer of mom and daughter. Three-Face and Duela Dent of DC's post 52 multiverse, Earth-3 as drawn by Jamie Fay and Rich Bernakovech.

And though it's not clear in the scan here Three-Face's two eyes are different colors her right eye being orange and left eye being red as it wasn't clear in her comic appearances what her eye color(s) were. I'm still a bit saddened we never saw more of Three-Face after Countdown ended, though that was true of nearly every fun DC concept relating to the Multiverse at the time. 

Now onto my Tomorrow Woman pieces (6 in total).

This first piece was done outside of the NYCC but I'll include it for fun. Tomorrow Woman as she would've dressed in the Victorian era as drawn by Michelle Sciuto or shoot-o on deviantart and tumblr.

She did a fun re-design, no? And I like the little frilly see through sleeves that are a callback to her semi transparent skirt in her normal outfit.

Next up is T Woman as drawn by Katie Cook in one of her little watercolor sketches of cuteness.

She always manages to make them easy to recognize.

Next was a quick head sketch of her as drawn by Amy Reeder of Batwoman and Madame Xanadu fame.
She has a slightly mischievous look, doesn't she? Either that or she just read my mind...XD

Next up Tomorrow Woman as drawn by Buzz who does lovely pinups at the cons. Amusingly he took a bit of time to do it as he wasn't sure what her powers were at first and he didn't want to draw her doing something she couldn't do, super strength etc.. 

I have to admit I like the wavy lines, which seem to signify her using her powers here.

The last two are probably my favorites of the con.

Michael Dooney may not be a big name but he draws unbelievable pieces at the shows and at reasonable prices. He's done alot of work with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and some Usagi Yojimbo work, but he can clearly drawn more than just anthropomorphized animals. As we see below as Tomorrow Woman shows some leg. Or...makes us think she is.

And the last sketch of the con well the darkness grows as Tomorrow DIES...


Art by the ever awesome Joe Prado who did most if not all of the character designs of the various Black Lanterns and White Lantern(s) during Blackest Night.

And for legality when Tomorrow Woman died in JLA #5.



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And now I found out. Not the same Unity as in the annual, but another merging of chaos and order.


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