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Redemption, Part 1

Four pages from IRREDEEMABLE 32, the first part of the IRREDEEMABLE/INCORRUPTIBLE crossover.

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More than that I think.

As I read it, she had wished for a second chance at motherhood, having been more than a bit... not good at it the first time. What the aliens didn't understand was that this wasn't an isolated incident (though it would have been had they not interfered), this was the start of a pattern of behaviour; She was a woman with homicidal impulses, given a child that was essentially immortal.
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Yeah, I see. Though I'm kind of interpreting it as she started to see little Tony as some sort of taunting figure to her constantly there to remind her of the cruel things she did to her child (if she killed her baby intentionally, which kind of seems like the case). But heck, either way, what a creepy way to go.
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As I read it, upon discovering that her replacement baby is invulnerable to pain, she comes to terms with the fact that it's not her baby, nor even human, and is repeatedly trying to kill it to free herself of this strange monster that she's adopted.
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She killed her first baby too. I don't think it's because baby-Plutonian isn't human, but rather like the caption indicates because she can live out her first act over and over.