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A barbarian tale like no other... BATTLEPUG!

Saw this mentioned over on Facebook, and went looking for it.

If you like "Beasts of Burden", then I think you may enjoy this as well... (It's a little more played for laughs, but there's something about it which reminds me of it)

Larger images, and a LOT more of the story, can be found on the website!

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Okay, I was clicking through the first few pages out of half-hearted curiosity, and then the appearance of the seal just killed me. I'm going to have to read the rest of this now.
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You know, on one hand pugs are a perfect example why humans shouldn't mess with the evolution of other species. But on the other... Ohmygawdtoocutecannotformcoherentthoughtsneedinsulingoingintosugarshock!!!

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okay... this community has ruined me... i KNEW what this was, as you can see i posted a response.... but for a split second... twice... i read "Battlepug" wrong....
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Yeah, I think we all saw "Buttplug" first.
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And after reading your comment I didn't imagine "buttplug" and blue_bolt but "battleplug" which is just really disturbing.
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the Battleplug! for when the a normal plug is just not enough! :D

i'm going to hell....
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Is it a offensive or defense item though? Or is it just more...pluggy than the normal plug?

I'm right there too...
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well, it really depends on how you use it....

wow... really gunning for the lower depths aren't we... teehee that's what HE said
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oh hai dick....

huh... what were you saying Icon?
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You can't blame us. It's hardwired into our minds, and sometimes the subtext is more hammery than hammertext.
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This is what Conan The Barbarian would've looked like if Robert E. Howard dropped acid!
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looks a lot like R Dart's Battle Kittens, and anyone who loves battle pug should check out Battle Kittens (her lj and tumbler, at any rate)

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Did she just quote Sandra Bullock from Demolition Man? I'd better check this out.

Thanks for sharing!
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Did the blanket magically cover her bottom in between panels?
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...And that's why there's no Santa Claus.
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Dang it... I don't have my Batpug avatar on Dreamwidth...
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Looking nice :P
And the art is great and fun!

Will check this out~