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Solaris & The Superman Dynasty

DC 1,000,000 my favourite crossover ever! For me it's one of the rare - perhaps the only - where all tie-ins were worth reading, because they were plotted by Morrison, excepting for Garth Ennis' Hitman. Sometimes I think of it as DC's most creative months; each issue was just crammed with awesome, funny, twisted concepts, redesigns and revamps. If it hadn't been for this crosoover, I probably wouldn't even be much of a DC fan. It was this love letter to its rich history that showed me just what an amazing universe the DCU is.

One of my favourite tie-ins was Superman: Man of Tomorrow 1,000,000, which tells the origin of Solaris and the history of the Superman dynasty:

So Superman is stranded in 853rd century Earth, unable to teleport due to an interference imposed by Solaris. He decides to learn why Solaris holds such a grudge against him and his descendants. Enter Plantium, from the Metal Men, whose robotic memory allows her to narrate all major events from the 20th century onwards:

Supermen continue to fight Solaris for centuries, until one of them sacrifices himself to change its artificial program in order to serve Mankind. Solaris even becomes a superhero, but in The Authority vein, leading preemptive strikes against planets that were potentially dangerous to Earth.

Then the Superman returns:

At this point Solaris interrupts the story, claiming that Platinum has only been spouting lies about him. Superman tricks the vain Solaris into lifting the planetary block and he departs to join the other stranded Justice Leaguers.

And I confess I got all weepy with Platinum's final words. And how did Grant Morrison make this pay off! Love story indeed!

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