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WatXM #4 preview

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lmao Cyclops target

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Favoritest, qtest, darlingest of booooks, all the awards.


[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2011-12-12 05:02 pm (UTC)(link)
It's funny, I haven't read anything that's heavily featured Doop, and yet I absolutely love him. I dunno, maybe it's just the idea that something so nutty and adorable could have gotten into the picture. Perhaps some kind soul can post some awesome Doop-focused moments?

Also, I'm loving the Bradshaw art and hope he sticks around--I like Bachelo well enough, but his action sequences can be really hard to understand at times. Bradshaw looks a lot more clean and a more solid storyteller while still having a fun and semi-cartoony style.
mrstatham: (Default)

[personal profile] mrstatham 2011-12-12 05:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Bradshaw kind of reminds me of Art Adams, only without Adams' contemporary need to have everyone pouting with giant eyes.

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2011-12-12 05:10 pm (UTC)(link)
And let's not forget the twisting the torso so the ladies can show their tits AND their arse!
ian_karkull: (Default)

[personal profile] ian_karkull 2011-12-12 07:15 pm (UTC)(link)
I thought this was Art Adams until I noticed the distinct lack of giant breasts.
There seems to be a bunch of artists nowadays making a living off of aping familiar styles.
mrstatham: (Default)

[personal profile] mrstatham 2011-12-12 10:04 pm (UTC)(link)
I wouldn't really call it aping. Bradshaw's got enough in there, IMO, that his style is his own, especially since Adams seems to have devolved into something of a caricature of himself in his latest Marvel work.
q99: (Default)

[personal profile] q99 2011-12-12 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
-It's funny, I haven't read anything that's heavily featured Doop, and yet I absolutely love him. I dunno, maybe it's just the idea that something so nutty and adorable could have gotten into the picture.-

That's pretty much Doop's role from the start :) Even when he's front and center, he's mysterious and weird and awesome like that.
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[personal profile] thanekos 2011-12-12 05:07 pm (UTC)(link)
" Deathlok is here to teach you about the government machines that don't completely want to kill you. "

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2011-12-12 05:11 pm (UTC)(link)
"The key word is 'completely.' Never take your eyes off them, though."
shadowpsykie: Information (Hope Silly)

[personal profile] shadowpsykie 2011-12-12 05:12 pm (UTC)(link)
he makes me think of the X-Men's version of Mad-Eye Moody :D
cainofdreaming: cain's mark (pic#364829)

[personal profile] cainofdreaming 2011-12-12 05:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Best Deathlok to choose for that assignment. Since he started as part of an operation to banish all superbeings into another dimension, the Massachusetts academy being one of the places shown.

So, yes, not all government machines want to completely kill you. Some start as people who want to get rid of you and then get turned into machines.
auggie18: (Default)

[personal profile] auggie18 2011-12-12 05:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I was assuming the short haired woman was Rachel, but in the fifth panel it looks like the woman in the hoodie has Rachel's hound marks. Now I'm confused. (The next panel with hoodie-woman makes it look like her face is melting, so I really have no clue.)

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2011-12-12 05:11 pm (UTC)(link)
I believe that's Husk--she's one of the teachers at the school.
auggie18: (Default)

[personal profile] auggie18 2011-12-12 06:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Damn, what happened there? She used to have better control over her powers. Or was she burned last issue? I didn't see any evidence of that, but, y'know, the art...

(Also, wouldn't her powers let her fix burns?)

[personal profile] long_silence 2011-12-12 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
I think the Regenesis oneshot where she and Sam chose to go to the school, Paige said that there was something wrong with her powers or she was losing control of them or something. She left flakes of her skin behind on a chair she was sitting on without intending to.
shadowpsykie: Terra is Scared (TerraTerror)

[personal profile] shadowpsykie 2011-12-12 05:13 pm (UTC)(link)
the art is better... but i still don't like it... they look all.. squishy....
filthysize: (Default)

[personal profile] filthysize 2011-12-12 05:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Scott's face on a dartboard is great.
crabby_lioness: (Default)

[personal profile] crabby_lioness 2011-12-12 05:31 pm (UTC)(link)
I knew Kitty ironed her hair for the inspection.

Kitty honey, you've saved the world before breakfast more times than anyone can count. You don't have to apologize to anybody for anything, and you don't have to erase your curls.

On top of that, you're living in freaking New York City. The Mecca of curly girls, Deva Chan Salon, is just a short drive away. Get some help and curly sisterhood!

Heh, love Logan and Hank's dartboard.

Is this the first time we've ever seen the X-Men's school being run like an actual school?
crabby_lioness: (Default)

[personal profile] crabby_lioness 2011-12-12 06:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Depends on the artist. Sometimes it looks more like my wavy daughter, sometimes it looks more like my Botticelli daughter.
suzene: (Default)

[personal profile] suzene 2011-12-12 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Is this the first time we've ever seen the X-Men's school being run like an actual school?

Nah, we saw a lot of that back in the early New Mutants/Academy X run, after Quire outed the school and it opened up to the public.
icon_uk: (Default)

[personal profile] icon_uk 2011-12-12 06:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Quire didn't out the school, Xavier did (Well, Cassandra Nova in Charles' body)
suzene: (Default)

[personal profile] suzene 2011-12-12 07:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Ah, that's right.
salinea: Sansa squeeing (<3)

[personal profile] salinea 2011-12-12 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)

Preach it. Curls power.

[personal profile] nightauditguy 2011-12-12 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Doop looks bored.

Deathlok as a guest speaker. I can only imagine some other guest speakers. Hopefully Reed doesn't cause everyone to fall asleep. Spidey could be cool.
sherkahn: (Default)

[personal profile] sherkahn 2011-12-12 06:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Bored? He's covering over the corpse of Krakoa. I don't think bored is an option (my opinion)... but witht he reed in his mouth, I can't help but think he is singing "country farm songs" as he works.

[personal profile] nightauditguy 2011-12-12 06:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Krakoa? Seriously? That won't end well.

[identity profile] 2011-12-12 11:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Possibly I've just spent too much time on TV Tropes, but I see Doop doing that and immediately think of the Almighty Janitor... :)
suzene: (Default)

[personal profile] suzene 2011-12-12 06:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Delenn has emerged from her cocoon! ...Oh, it's just Paige.

Not in love with the new art, but I think it could grow on me. At least I can generally tell what people are doing without the text as a guidepost.
mrosa: (Default)

[personal profile] mrosa 2011-12-12 06:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I've given up trying to get back into X-Men. Last I read it, Quentin Quire had died after a riot at the mansion. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for his return.
pyrotwilight: (Default)

[personal profile] pyrotwilight 2011-12-12 07:01 pm (UTC)(link)
The overuse of a drug caused him to literally ascend reality and be broken apart into an energy form. Someone later figured out a way to reverse it and put him back together, the new Black King kid who showed up in the first issue to taunt Wolverine if I remember right.
icon_uk: (Default)

[personal profile] icon_uk 2011-12-12 08:54 pm (UTC)(link)
The new Hellfire Club continues to be head-desking-ly annoying.
bjornwilde: (Default)

[personal profile] bjornwilde 2011-12-12 11:36 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm still waiting them and FF kids to go head to head and them to get crushed.
crabby_lioness: (Default)

[personal profile] crabby_lioness 2011-12-13 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
Where do I subscribe?
salinea: (Default)

[personal profile] salinea 2011-12-12 11:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't think they bothered with one, no. Then again it would be more accurate to say that Quire ascended to a higher plane of existence, as TV Tropes likes to put it.
pyrotwilight: (Default)

[personal profile] pyrotwilight 2011-12-12 07:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh wow. The Red Hooded Woman has crossed over into Marvel!
ian_karkull: (Default)

[personal profile] ian_karkull 2011-12-12 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Doop doing completely mundane things will never get old. There should be at least one panel per issue devoted only to that.

Not thrilled to see Toad as the janitor though. Despite all the X-Men's talk of acceptance and equality, the ugliest people still get the shittiest jobs.
Way to distance yourself from Magneto, Logan.
pyrotwilight: (Default)

[personal profile] pyrotwilight 2011-12-12 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
It is pretty awful. But with how he has been snubbed all this time I'm wondering if it's on purpose to turn it all around later somehow. Especially since Toad seems to be genuinely trying to do good now.
auggie18: (Default)

[personal profile] auggie18 2011-12-12 07:45 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm not sure Toad is the ugliest person at the school. That'd probably go to Dethlocke or one of the students. (Herman, I'm looking at you. Or rather, vaguely through you. )
crabby_lioness: (Default)

[personal profile] crabby_lioness 2011-12-12 11:32 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm less concerned about his appearance than I am about his IQ. What happened to the Toad who was smart enough to lead the Brotherhood and engineer the X-Men's downfall?

[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-12-13 12:17 am (UTC)(link)
he's also smart enough to realize he's been pissing off X-men and subsidary teams without redemption spots longer than anyone else so he should take what he can get
crabby_lioness: (Default)

[personal profile] crabby_lioness 2011-12-13 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
He's smart enough to take the only ticket left on the last plane out, but I'd still like to see him doing more with it.
espanolbot: (Default)

[personal profile] espanolbot 2011-12-12 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Ah, Deathlok, what a way to show that the US government won't JUST build giant robots to try and kill you, but they'd turn you into a cyborg zombie AFTER they've killed you!

Logan looks weird in this art style. Just so... unWolverineish. Like he's being done in the style of a Disney prince or something. Too smooth and dopey.
stubbleupdate: (Default)

[personal profile] stubbleupdate 2011-12-12 10:02 pm (UTC)(link)
It does look a lot like Adams.

I'll miss Bachalo
beoweasel: (Default)

[personal profile] beoweasel 2011-12-12 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Only thing that really bothers me, is Wolverine's face...what the hell. He looks way too young, and nowhere grizzled enough.
silverzeo: (Default)

[personal profile] silverzeo 2011-12-13 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
How many times Quintin gets hurt in this? Cause if they are going to turn him around, I will hate DC more because they turned Superboy Prime going to a kid living the hero dream, only to turn bad, then turned into a joke of tragic villain...
eyz: (Default)

[personal profile] eyz 2011-12-13 01:29 pm (UTC)(link)
I just love this fun book^^

Deathlok in it seems like a pretty funny and original idea to thrown in the mix :P

...I was thinking...but isn't Shadowcat way too young to teach at a school??