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USA Today Leaks How Barbara Gordon got her Spine Back

Massive Spoilers
Apparently she went to a clinic in South Africa that specialised in spinal injuries, and that's how her paralysis was cured after three years as Oracle.

IF that is the case and not just some misinformation on the part of Gail, that explanation...

Kind of leaves me underwhelmed. On the one hand, it's definately not the cop-out, cheap explanation of "her injuries weren't as bad as she thought" or "Zatanna cured you with a potion made from ground up pixies and the dreams of orphaned stampcollectors!", and is actually something of a credible explanation in reality as well...

But I don't know, something about it just doesn't seem to gel. Doesn't really have an umph impact or something.

Also, heh, so both Steph and Barbara spent some time in Africa to recover from plots involving their injuries/deaths? Okay then.

For legality, a Christmasy moment with Harley and Babs,

Ah, Kara/Babs one of the less pronounced friendships in the DCAU. Apparently they're close enough to spend Christmas together (as opposed to Kara spending it with Clark and the Kents) as stated in the Justice League Christmas episode.

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she's smart though and the Bat clan is large and efficient currently. It'd be hard for her to justify suiting up before her physical therapy was completed
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To draw a rough parallel to sports medicine, physical therapy after an injury goes on for quite a long time, including after the person starts competing again. It's not a matter of "do your PT until you're done, then go back to your old position." Even once you're back on the field, you still have to do work to ensure you won't re-injure yourself and certain movements may be limited.