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The end of Tiny Titans? Awww no Titans....

And whilst I was pleased to hear that Franco and Baltazar are producing a new series "Superman Family Adventures", I've also just found out that the reason they have the free time to do so is the end of "Tiny Titans" which will end with issue 50 in March 2012.

In this awesome 50th issue, questions are answered! Mysteries are solved! The Tiny Titans may be one step closer to becoming Super Heroes! This issue may change your life! Plus, it's highly recommended by Franco's mom!

Over on Facebook, Art has said that he and Franco are not ending it by choice, so I suspect the sales figures just can't cut it any more.

Say what you like about Dan DiDio, I think he's been championing this one, and wouldn't have let it close unless he had to.

A shame, it's a been a fun, if weird, award winning title, for four years now.
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Lame sauce. :(
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What would a literal context be? Because reinforcing its use the other way seems just as bad, if not worse.
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I feel like that's jumping a step in the linguistic drift of the word. At one time, it was a pejorative for those with physical disabilities, likening them to wounded or invalid animals. Recent generations have taken to use the term for things seen as "weak in character/weak in attitude," but would not think to use it against someone with a disability, literally not seeing a connection in definition.

So, I'm really not seeing where we need to protect usage of "lame" because every context I've seen it censored or warned against on this comm has been someone using it as an adjective of emotive not physical characteristic.

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What? DC, you can fuck with me, but don't fuck with Small Female Relative. This is the book that taught her to read! The one that started the family saying "oh, maybe she's not dyslexic after all."

Well that sucks.
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You seriously had a little one learn to read through this book? If so that's really cool. :)

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Well... I had a little one discover a passion for and *motivation* to read through this book, which lead to a rapid RAPID improvement.

Aw yeah Titans!
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That's really neat. :)
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saw your comment after I just posted, it was the one of the few things my son would read - his confidence was shattered - he's still two years and a grade level behind, but he's catching up, and the Tiny Titans and the Superpets books made such a big difference.
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My son, a late reader, finally gained confidence with reading Tiny Titans and the Superpets books. This breaks my heart.
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Oh, small female relative :) Think you can explain to her about change and comic books and ends?
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So.... official proof that DC hates fun?
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More like proof no one buys fun despite DC giving them over 40 chances to.
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^More like that.

Sadly :(
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Awwww, that's pretty sad.
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Honestly, I wish DC would do more to champion their for-children titles to people outside of the usual market. Books like Tiny Titans and Marvel Adventures are a good way to pick up younger fans and also fans who are scared of all the continuity-heavy titles. Still, I know it's hard for DC.
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its fine... i didn't really like that book anyway... it was for kids any way an i'm a Big Boy adult now... who wants to read a stupid book for kids..... *gently caress the all batgirl/robin issue* shhhh shhh it's okay....

whimper http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJuSCPxTUvo
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shhh... Tiny Titans has been my favorite title for some time now...

I might take this harder than the reboot
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i;m happy they are replacing it with Superman Family, but i am going to miss this sooooo much!
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Aw no, Titans!
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Aww nooo! :(