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Blue Beetle #4

His parents thinks he got a tattoo and going to remove later with laser surgery.

Brenda goes into the restroom to defuse Jaime's situation. She then proceed to ask if he heard about what happen to Paco the other night. Jaime worried about his best friend goes out to look for him.

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And Facepalm.

I called it. I frakin' called it. They just don't know what made it work. What the core themes of the original were.

And now, it's just a Not Good Guyver Ripoff.
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hmmm i don't know i like it.. obviously not stabbing Paco.... But i don't know... i don;t know... i don't think he killed him.

i think its too early to call anything... its not me being optimistic... something just feels... i don't know,... maybe it's my writer's instincts... but there is something more to all this...
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And I said the same thing about Cassandra Cain.

Oh, I want to be wrong, I really do. But frankly, the narrative signs and the talk of marginalization of his family point towards grimdark re-imagining and the removal of what made people like Jaime to begin with.
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maybe you are right.... his family was not involved heavily until later as well... not until the second trade maybe (its under a pile of clothes somewhere) they were there, but i think they focused more on Paco and Brenda like now...

i think as soon as he get control things will be better. i don't feel this is grim dark at all (you know, stabbing his best friend aside) its just in panic mode until he and the beetle reach a compromise or something. maybe it is optimism... but i... sense something more here...
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Agreed, I wonder if Jaime will force the scarab to heal Paco, introducing it to something against it's core concept.