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A Christmas card to you all...

Over the next couple of days, I hope to post a couple of Christmas tales to entertain and amuse, going from both ends of the spectrum in terms of characters, but to start the season off right I am delighted to continue a scans_daily tradition in the form of a special Christmas card from one of our favourite artists....

As "Batman and Sons" Robins decide to have a very special tree of their own.... whether the tree wants it or not...

Who knew Dick has such a gleeful mean streak? I love Jason's expression, Tim being all serious about helping, and Terry being as adorable as only he can be but I ADORE the helping hand with the box of baubles (Now he I KNEW had a gleeful mean streak)

As is her very generous wont with regard to these Christmas pieces for us, The Black Cat refused to take money for this (seeing this as her thank you to us for supporting her work) and so instead I might ask you to consider putting a few extra pennies in a suitable charity collection tin if you are able to.

So as always, wishing you all a Merry Christmas (or whatever fesitval you celebrate, or even if you celebrate none) and thanking you for all the fun posts and debate that you have helped engender, to enlighten, entertain, educate or just have fun with (smutty or otherwise). Hug your loved ones!!

And for legality, Batman proves the perils of being a smartarse when ice skating.

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