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Yup, Jim Starlin gave the guy who makes the Grinch look like an amateur a Christmas story... Sort of.. in this story from the 1992 Marvel Holiday Special

Thanos is clearing out a number of his old lairs, as there is a lot of stuff lying around he doesn't want getting into the general circulation

One of his servitor robots walks past with a box of odds and ends when the big boss stops it.

Thanos recalls that this used to belong to Gamora, the girl he trained to be the ultimate loyal bodyguard and super-assassin. To do this he knew he couldn't just raise her as a mindless drone, he needed someone who would serve him out of genuine love and devotion, because those always seem to get better results, and so....

Isn't she adorable? (and Thanos sitting next to a Christmas tree is awesome, it's just a shame he didn't dress as Santafor her)

Thanos hesitates, he has a lot of work to do, and Gamoraassures him that it doesn't really matter.(Thanos as workaholic dad is not a comparison it would ever have occurred to me to make)

A while later, there is an intruder in the base.... an alien who is out for revenge on Thanos for killing his family and who sneaks in undetected. He prowls the corridors of the base, until he comes across Thanos in his office (designing a new deathray or whatever). Present day Thanos wryly notes that it was a more innocent time, and his security has been markedly improved since then.

So Thanos is unaware of the threat behind him,

The shot goes wild, missing Thanso completely, and lets just say that given Thanos powers, the other guys hasn't even got time for a second shot before he's incinerated. It happens so quick;ly in fact that the doll gets caught in the blast.

Wibble.... And even more of a wibble when Thanos' next action is to tell Gamora, that yes they WILL go to the lagoon to watch the dolphins. Though now looking back at it, Thanos realises that it was at this moment that he should have realised Gamora would never be the ultimate soulless killing machine he wanted. "C'est la vie"... or in his case perhaps, C'est la Mort"

We return to the present, as thanos now throws the doll into the garbage pile for incineration, musing....

...and they say that Thanos heart shrank three sizes that day.

Next time, a rather different story, as Steve Rogers discovers a secret about his oldest friend...
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