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Merry Christmas (eve)!

The second (and last) of my Christmas posts for the year...yay. Koi Neko is a manga about a dude named Shinta. He's got a girl he likes, and she likes him...that's a yay, right? Well, there's a complication...

Nao is a formerly perfectly normal cat, who fell in love with Shinta and took human form to be with him...she can shift between her cat form, her human form, and this nekomimi form at will. Only Shinta and the other cats know Nao's secret.

Granted, that's a complication I could live with... But it does make their relationship rather...confusing for poor Shinta.

Well, in any case...

Nao happens to be walking by at about this point...cue her becoming convinced she's being cheated on. She tells the other girls in her class, who tell her they need to make him jealous by ignoring him (or else, getting picked up by another guy).

Poor Shinta. At the end of the school day, Nao runs off, while the other girls explain to Shinta what's going on. So he hurries off to find Nao... She finally explains to him her feelings...

The clerk kids him about looking for the cat's present before his girlfriend's (bit presumptuous, really...), and all is right in Shinta-land agai...

... Well, it only makes sense, doesn't it.

So, he introduces Nao to the kitten as his girlfriend repeatedly (the clerk must think one or both is a bit daffy after the second or third time...), and buys her her Christmas gift.


Not the first, nor last, time Shinta's reputation took a hit because of a misunderstanding. (One wonders just what the rumours that spread were.) Somehow I suspect explaining that it's what she asked for wouldn't have helped.

The course of true love between a boy and a cat never did run smooth....

Again, Merry Christmas!

~6 pages out of 20.
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