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Sure it may make sense, but the whole thing still comes off as if it's mocking the original origin story by bringing it up to begin with. And it's not even the best depiction of Diana's origin story because it leaves out so many important elements that, believe it or not, would bring the same conclusions that Diana would have come up with here.

Hippolyte didn't simply ask for a child out of the blue while lying on a beach. She was "supposed" to have a child. She was pregnant with Diana by the time of her real world death before she became an Amazon. During the time with the Amazons, she had a longing for something she didn't understand, and once she was told what that was, she was granted the chance to to bring her unborn daughter's soul to life. It wouldn't be the same if she got pregnant again because that would have created someone else entirely, so creating something for the soul to inhabit would make the most sense. And all of this was possible not simply by one god, but of dozens who blessed her!

- Diana is the real daughter of Hippolyta, blood and soul.
- A man was involved in conception, but also in both Diana and Hippolyte's death.
- She was brought back by the gods after Hippolyta discovered what her sadness and longing were coming from.
- Upon Diana being brought to life, Diana was blessed with attributes by each of the Gods.
- The clay was simply a means of hosting an existing soul, not creating one.

What this comic tries to offer:
- Diana is the real daughter of Hippolyta, blood and soul.
- She was conceived out of her mother's lust for a man.
- Father is a god who goes around cheating on his wife with anything with a vagina and leaves them to their fate when his murderous wife will kill anyone he sleeps with him.

Now, how is this an improvement?

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