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Wonder Woman #4

Over on Paradise Island, Hera does indeed appear, resplendent in cape of peacock feathers. Knowing she has no chance against a goddess, the warrior queen bows down and asks for forgiveness. And Hera seems set to look with compassion on the weaker woman, so vulnerable to her husband's charms.

Diana finds Hippolyte, but she's in no fit state to accept an apology thanks to the departed Hera. She's been petrified, and her Amazon sisters are in equally dire straits, having been transformed into snakes.

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"My issue with the new origin is that it appears to undercut the queerness of Diana's origin"

To be fair, though, isn't the idea that Diana was raised in a society of fiercely independent women who've lived in peace for centuries pretty "queer" in itself?
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That is true, and I'm very relieved that Diana's current concern is still her mother and her sisters, and not her newly discovered daddy, as tends to happen in a lot of stories. And the Amazons have been pretty unambiguously made queer in this story (although the seeming 'man-hating' part makes me a little uncomfortable; we still need the Amazons' backstory, and I do not think being suspicious of male intruders is necessarily oh-so-terrible, but the repeated references to castration in the past few months - Flashpoint, Demon Knights, as well as this - make me uncomfortable and annoyed), with Diana herself being the target of some innuendos that should suggest the same.

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I think the threats of castration in Wonder Woman were just that--threats, meant to deter the men trying to get to their island, and they would be perfectly happy not to have to do that if that's enough.

Plus, speaking as a guy who's rather fond of keeping my equipment, I would say that's a pretty good threat for most guys to be compliant, perhaps even better than threats of death or other dismemberment.
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As a woman who, er, has occasionally used that threat (mostly as a joke to very close friends, I swear - and a couple of sexually harassing assholes who deserved it), I am inclined to agree. Exoristos in Demon Knights certainly seemed to be using it as a threat to shut the racist bartender up.

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I'm not sure if Ex counts there, since I believe in a recent interview with Word Balloon he said she may or may not be an Amazon, and that her background will be really mysterious, kinda like Wolverine was for a while.