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I do wonder how the tv adaption, AKA Jessica Jones, will handle this. I know that they ARE going to be adapting the story, but that the Purple Man won't literally be purple, as they thought that it wouldn't fit with the tone of the series that they're making.

They also said that it's going to be based in the same universe as the Marvel comicbooks connected to Joss Whedon's Avengers movie... which again leads to more questions. Particularly as the X-Men are owned by Fox (and they aren't going to release the rights back to Marvel's film division, that's why they shove a new movie out every couple of years, whether it has open flaws or not) and Spider-Man/Fantastic Four are owned by Sony (ditto, that's why they are rebooting the franchises instead of returning back to their initial company).

This'll kind of put a lock on their use of Peter Parker and his associated villains, Dardevil, and Jean Grey. But they have confirmed that Luke Cage will be appearing, and if it's in the MovieUniverse it's possible that they could be wibbling things to get Cap to appear, particularly as they have already confirmed that Stark will be involved in the opening episodes in some way.

Whether that means that it'll be Tony that faces the blackmail threat or not, I don't know. But it would kind of make sense, considering RDJ's portrayal of the character and the characterisation of his competitors, such as that twit from the second movie.
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