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Wow, that is a SERIOUS moment of badass from Lady Jaye.

Sad to see Billy bite the big one (again IIRC), but a nice moment with the Ninjas and CC

And something tells me Darklon's reply to Flint's last comment is to laugh out loud.

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I'm Dutch and even I think that has to be the most hilarious weak threat ever.
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Such a great moment with CC with not even a word at the end but the emotions tell you exactly what's going through his head. Goes to show you even though he said it himself constantly since his "return" that he never cared for Billy, that he did care for his son. I'm curious to see what CC does next.

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... The Hard Master? Really?
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Unfortunate in certain contexts, but not his fault.
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...was Billy already injured? Because going out from having your artificial leg lopped off seems kind of weak...

And are Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes riding around in BumbleBay?
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The sweep that cut the leg off also appears to have inflicted a fairly serious looking injury on the left side of his torso.

To be fair though, the way that image is drawn seems very "off", since the blue ninja appears to have made a cut which has little to so with the way the wound on Billy is depicted.