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It seems like there's sort of an anti-Occupy theme building across the Bat-books. Interesting.

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I don't think the scene here is really pro or anti the Occupy thing. We know that what Bruce is doing isn't inherently bad, because we know that he isn't at all a bad guy, is genuine in wanting to help Gotham, and we know that there are REALLY bad guys who want to stop him from doing this in the Court of Owls. To the more radical layman of the DCU, however, Wayne might be considered to be nothing more than some rich asshole who's tearing down Gotham's history to make room for one of his new skyscrapers.
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This is definitely better than that pro-Joker nonsense. Earlier in the book, Batgirl's seen crouching under a "Don't Gentrify Gotham" graffiti, so I feel the set-up here makes way more sense.

When you have Bruce's speech in Snyder's first issue, in the real world, the issue of gentrification would definitely be hotly debated. I listened to a few meetings by people with the same POV as the protesters years back, when it was a rising issue in San Francisco. It's very similar to this, actually: it comes from an initiative to "clean up" the city by advancing it, making it nicer, etc, but what these shiny new buildings attract are middleclass (and usually white) people; whereas the disenfranchised minorities and counterculture people get pushed out to the fringes and eventually driven out of the city completely. "Get rid of crime" initiatives are too often synonymous or at least simultaneous with "get rid of poor people ghettoes." And that's always the most uncomfortable subtext of Batman, isn't it? That when he's not saving the world and just prowling the slums, he's essentially a rich guy beating up poor people at night and sending them to an overcrowded prison system (something I really loved about Batman Begins was their version of Joe Chill not being a career criminal or mob lackey, but a repentant guy driven to an uncharacteristic act by poverty).

In any case, this is a shared universe done right. Not crossovers or major events, but ripple effects and points of views. Gail's taking something that is noble in Snyder's book and showing a different side to the coin. That's good universe building.
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You know, I actually felt for the mum in this issue. Even though I understand Barbara's anger towards her, I don't know why but something about that scene where she just leaves her mum at the cafe rubs me the wrong way.
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its understandable... her mother was reaching out... but Barbara was hurt (physically but more importantly emotionally in this case) also her mother surprised her. she was probably a jumbled bundle of emotions.
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I don't think her mum handled the situation well at all. Years after walking out, never once making contact, not even when Babs was shot and paralysed for heavens sake, she shows up unannounced on her doorstep to say she's moving back to Gotham, and pointedly not offering any explanation as to why she left in the first place.

Reaching out is nice, but she's asking a whole hell of a lot if she expects forgiveness and acceptance over the space of a cup of coffee. Babs has every right to be not just angry, but betrayed and bloody furious.

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Did anyone else have a hard time on some panels trying to remember which one was which? That part really bothered me. If they REALLY had to give her mom red hair, couldn't they at least put some grey in there, have it cut in a different style, anything?

Another art thing I noticed--anyone got a Dodson vibe from the way Syaf drew the faces here? I really felt it in the second panel of the second scan.
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No Sarah Essen in the DCnU? Shame that. She was the last "important" character the Joker killed that stayed dead.

Yes, it sounds weird that I think the Joker should kill someone "important" to characters and the readers. But if they're going to sell the idea of how dangerous the Joker is in the DCnU, he should kill someone somewhat important.

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Most Dangerous Villain

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I've always thought that it isn't how dangerous the Joker is that matters, but how chaotic.

The Joker IS Anarchy, he's an insane clown that lives in a world that makes schizophrenics seem normal.

To me Bane and Ra'as Al Ghul were written to be the most dangerous Batman foes.
After all, Lex Luthor isn't Superman's most dangerous foe - DARKSEID IS.
But we focus more on the Superman-LL dynamic because it's a more personal relationship, LL is intimate in his hate of Superman and is Obsessed with the B "S".

It's the Joker's obsession with Batman that makes him an iconic villain. Sure the Joker has poison gas, but so do a lot of people. The Joker's more than just an "urban terrorist" as he himself stated. He's outsmarted the police and shown that despite all the odds, he always seems to find a way...
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Re: Most Dangerous Villain

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Joker is Batman's most dangerous foe, and I agree that removing his 'kills' degrades the threat of the character as you can genuinely believe a important character could die at his hands and stay dead. Because he's done it before.
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Re: Most Dangerous Villain

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I don't know, I found the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series easy enough to take seriously as one of Batman's most dangerous foes, and I don't recall him ever killing anyone important. The threat, and the knowledge that there are worse things than death, is, imho, just as effective.

Return of the Joker > A Death in the Family
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Isn't the Joker dead in the DCnU? Then making him seem dangerous isn't that important.
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There's no evidence that he is dead, no.

Surely Harley would have mentioned it, at least.
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Okay, who was supposed to be who in that scene? That is some serious bad colouring/penciling where it's nigh-impossible to distinguish one from another.
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Yes. This was poorly drawn. Seriously, the mom couldn't have short hair, or wear it up, or have grey streaks?

It's not unrealistic for a mother and daughter to look that much alike, and there may be a message in it (like, you will never escape being her child -- look at how similar you look, blah blah blah). But it's a bad execution. I'm really not interested in having to strain to see who's who.
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"Occupy" in the Batbooks. Wow, this is going to be fail.
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Yup :/
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Occupy protestors: Boo, down with Wayne! Down with fatcats!
Wayne: People, please! No one has lived in these buildings for at least thirty years! They are actually falling down by themselves at the moment! And... Wait a minute, Ollie is that you?!?
Queen: Boo! Down with the self entitled rich!
Wayne: Ollie, you are aware that I'm actually trying to create jobs here by stimulating the economy, right?
Queen: Bah, you're rich, you probably have ulterior motives!
Wayne: Ollie, you're only slightly less rich than me. And besides, it's not like I'm knocking down the building because it's associated with a centuries old secret society with an owl motiff or something...
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So in-character! XD

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Hmm, so being a bad mother (figure) runs in the family. Who knew?
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Ok. Who is this?

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So, Gordon is now Barbaras dad? Ok. So who the hell is this? It can't be Barbara Gordon, since that would contradict Black Mirros storyline (which has to be canon, or otherwise, why the hell is James Gordon Junior in Arkham)?
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"I barely recognize her."


Geezos cripes. Barbara's mother looks younger than she does.
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That reminds me of an MST3k riff from the movie Space Mutiny. Allow me to indulge.

"Alysia, I'd like you to meet my mother. We have the exact same features and we're about the same age."
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So... what's the significance of Barbara's shock at the end there? Rather, what is she shocked by, exactly? The 338?