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Hm, reminds me of a conversation I had with my girlfriend's family when I was over in Ohio for Christmas, about how there was technically no such thing as a British accent. What with Britain consisting of several different country, and is the equivalent of referencing a North American accent.

One conversation that irritated me in regards to American people and English accents was over on the io9 forum, following a post on the American Being Human remake, where some guys started talking about how they should automatically remake all British tv shows for broadcast in the States, as American actors sound like Men and all British actors to them sound like "high pitched little boys". *Grr*

But yeah, there are people in London, and even nearish to London where I live, there are people who talk like that. Hell, I talk like that sometimes. It isn't someone writing a faux London accent (of which there are SEVERAL) a la Dick Van Dyke, it's pretty much a fair version of it. And she's only got those lines.

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