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Garth Ennis Is Doing a Shadow Comic! Also, Liefeld's Hawkman and Deathstroke Covers

The first has me grinning, as I love the character, I love that it's going to have a 1930s setting, and to me Garth Ennis' best work is when he's doing crime or war stories, so to me this series is going to rock so hard! Here's one of several covers that the series is getting,

Also he's going to be going back to Punisher Max, which is also good, though personally I was actually enjoying Jason Aaron's run so far.

Oh, and here's an interview and two covers from two of the series' that Liefeld is taking over, and they have me grinning for entirely different reasons...

Sorry Rob, I know that somehow your books might turn out to be good... but even if DC wasn't putting out books with both very good writing and art (shout out to the Shade and Batwoman amongst others), your covers alone manage to get me giggling.

But then, the theme song for the cheesy yet enjoyable Adam Baldwin Shadow is also hilarious, so I probably just have a weird sense of humour,
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Oh God, I remember that theme song from "The Shadow"; it goes so over-the-top that it somehow manages to be terrible and wonderful at the same time. Much like the movie, in many ways.

(Pedantic correction, however; it was actually Alec Baldwin who was the Shadow, not Adam. Easy mistake to make given how many of them there are, though.)