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Malum Discordiae : The FBI kills Megaupload

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen! Chocochuy reporting for duty and bringing you some news from the global community.

As you might recall, yesterday was the peaceful blackout of pages like Wikipedia, Google, Mozilla and our very own Dreamwidth in order to protest against the SOPA bill. Well, just some hours ago Megaupload was shut down by the FBI, thus causing the arrest of its inner circle and the loss of countless Terabytes of both illegal and safe files. Retribution from hackers all over the globe was not denied and hours later the group that calls itself Anonymous hacked several government sites as well as asking all cybernauts to join their revolution against the rich 1%. It might be kinda exaggerated to say this but I am certain that were witnessing the genesis of the First World Internet War. In my honest opinion I think the loss of Megaupload may be a heavy loss for most cybernauts and it may also herald the beginning of some authoritarian movements if the FBI can go shutting down websites when the SOPA has not been approved yet. What we are really seeing is a struggle between two powerful forces, none of them wanting to give up, that will change the way we use the internet from now on if a peaceful solution is not found.

I will be glad to hear your opinions in this matter, comrades, especially if this SOPA bill goes out of control and tries targeting our beloved fanfics/fanarts.

Here is an old Captain America picture done by Frank Miller. It may be over-used but it seems quite fitting.

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Yeah. From skimming the indictment, there were charges of racketeering and money laundering in addition to copyright infringement, the owners have been caught personally telling people how to locate pirated movies on their site and searching their own database for pirated stuff, they weren't complying with the notice and takedown law, and when companies reported copyright content they only removed the specific reported URL but kept the files on their systems. (Oh, and if you skip to the list of property in the back, the owners bought themselves personalised licence plates including "GUILTY", "HACKER", and "MAFIA". Smart!)

So this is not "some users uploaded copyright stuff on a file storage site", this is "the owners knew about it, encouraged it, did it themselves, made enormous amounts of money off it, bragged about it, and lied about removing the content when asked". ...I can't really summon a lot of outrage.
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Gizmodo had a post on this and came to the same conclusion, that these guys pretty much painted a giant "Kick Me!" sign on themselves.