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shadowpsykie ([personal profile] shadowpsykie) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily2012-01-20 01:02 pm

Harley and Joker in Therapy and a Question

Hey Guys, i have a question? anyone here read Voodoo, Problematic covers aside (and a look at the world of stripping i didn't need to know in issue 1) i thought the premise was interesting and Ron Mraz did wonders with Witchblade. I also took a look at the preview from issue #5 and it also looks interesting.

not looking to start any fights on here, i am just curious, being 5 issues in, how is the book?

for legality, two pages from issue 5

oh and here is a funny video clip from a youtube page call Supertherapy (wish they would have mentioned Harley being a shrink).

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