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Date: 2012-01-28 03:47 pm (UTC)
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I took it more as both being restricted by their mindsets. Wonder Woman had to honour the Hiketeia because it's part of her religion, and once it gives her the opportunity to hear why the woman being pursued by Batman is being pursued by him, it makes her more sympathetic to her side of the story.

Batman, meanwhile, is restricted by his mindset that murder is murder, and if you commit not just one but SEVERAL and then run from the police, then you deserve to be punished for it. Like Diana, he eventually found out the reason why the woman killed those people (on his own, as he's a detective and looked into the why as opposed to the who and how) he was a lot more sympathetic, but that didn't change his mind as she was STILL a multiple murderer who showed no real signs of remorse.

This is also why he was so down on Huntress for all those years, while he gave a free pass to Selina over her shooting Black Mask in the face. Both killed terrible people, but while Helena did it in a calculated way and felt no remorse over it, Selina killed one person who had repeatedly targeted her and her loved ones before she decided that killing him was the only option left, and then felt bad about it.

One murder, you get a pass if the victims are horrible people or if you were mindcontrolled (hence why he didn't instantly exile Cass when he found out she'd killed someone as a child). Keep doing it, and he'll try to bring the hammer down on you, particularly if you're doing it in his city.
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