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Bootleg Deadpool hearts Death #1

Deadpool is going to die (?). In Deadpool's 'Dead' arc, kicking off in February, Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth has finally found a way to beat his supercharged healing feeling factor and be with the love of his life, the female embodiment of Death.

Wanting to have a little fun in the build-up to that, I've taken an existing Deadpool/Death fantasy scene and broken it up into short funnies with all-new dialogue... You can check out the first Bootleg Deadpool hearts Death here:
where you'll find the link to more - and the Deadpool/Death Caption Contest - at my Blog. :)
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Hi there, your preview image is a little big not to be behind a cut methinks
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I always wonder if Deadpool will ever be forced to take a back sit for some "newer" characters to fill in, like USAgent for Cap, Emma Frost for Jean, THunderstrike for THor, Ben Riley for Peter, that whole thing.
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Thanos is going to be pissed.
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So...Death is Bea Arthur?
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What is the 3rd time he's dying?
Again ,really?
He died in 2-3 times of his classic 90s series, in the earlier part and another near the end in a silence "no-text" issue. Then at the end under Gail Simone's, which paved the way for Agent X. I think there was a 4th time in Cable & Deadpool (not sure..)

None will surpass is previous "mute" death issue.... such a great comic! Specially with Daniel Way's currently writing the book...

Haha :P
Love your page there XD