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Sadly, not every example of a dude in distress is a great one... and even the Dynamic Duo have their... less memorable experiences.

And it starts so well, with this rather awesome cover.. they just look so darned chipper!

The Scarecrow has developed (I think this might have been for the first time) a fear-enhancing drug, which when taken, makes whoever takes it absolutely terrifying to anyone who sees him (or her). He has taken a dose himself and has been terrifying Batman and Robin repeatedly, to the point where they actually pass out with fear on seeing him. However, they have struggled to overcome this rather debilitating state of affairs and are now determined that they can overcome it. Tracking him down to his next major crime by a painfully convoluted series of clues he's planted on the other major criminals active at the time (It's an anniversary issue, the Penguin, Joker and Killer Moth all make one one page cameos).

At first the fight goes the good guys way, and the Scarecrow is impressed they've overcome their automatic terror at the sight of him, but he has a plan...

Okay, not their most heroic take-down, but it's about to get worse...

And that's where it loses me... Batman's phobia about guns makes a certain degree of sense, but Dick is suddenly phobic about STRING?? Really?

Strings? Handguns? Hoping they might starve to death? Who in the Scarecrow's quality control team ever remotely thought that this was a decent deathtrap? Honestly, it's embarassing...


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That was just sad. The deathtrap, sure, but the take down even more-so!

They just freak out at 6 scarecrows?


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