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Action Comics #806 Dudes in Distress Week Supergirls saving Superman

Here's my feeble attempt Dudes in Distress Week. I actually wracked my brains trying to think of a good story to post and having wanted to post this story for a while it stood out to me.

What happens when Superman falls into a near death state? Who can save the day? Part 1 of 3.

7 pages from a 22 page story.

Co-starring a female who would make Jaime Reyes say "Hot Damn!"

Why yes that's Traci 13 at the time codenamed Girl 13. She had only shown up/been created just a while before this story came out and had previously met and helped Superman against a magic threat. Our story opens up with Traci speaking to her dad since she has moved into Metropolis and he's worried about her and her use of magic. If I've heard right this was before it was decided that Terri 13 was her dad thus why he'd even ask about magic.      

And so we meet Traci and her magic shirt of naughtybits covering and Leroy, her pet/familiar.

Walking out of her residence she notices and feels something's off and that something bad is about to occur given her magic stems from the street aka Street Magic. 

Meanwhile we meet up with Natasha Irons. 

Her uncle Steel had been killed/nearly killed due to the Imperiex War and was recovering at the time effectively ending his career at the time with no real indication of if he'd recover fully.

And I should probably point out Kelex (one of Superman's fortress of solitude maintennance robots) was reprogrammed by Natasha to speak street, which amuses me greatly.

Traci's meanwhile used her magic to transport Superman nearby to an apartment that Lana Lang the then First Lady (being married to Pete Ross who was President) was preparing to rent out since she and Pete were on the outs and heading for a divorce, apparently due to Lana's unrequited feelings for Clark (though I'm a bit unsure of why Traci knew to go there but I guess we can assume she can sense people he has connections to via her street magic). 

We then get a flashback to how Superman was injured in the first place as Ninja's have held a group of people hostage. Quickly dispatching the ninjas he's sure the danger has passed, but the ninjas were only there to distract him.

Superman has previously met Byakko here a few years back and she feels he's to blame for something that's occured to her. She's essentially a magic ninja who can also go intangible at will thus allowing her to thrust the staff right into Superman and the magic of it allows it to affect him like he were a normal impaled person.

Traci's been stabilizing Superman with Lana's help when someone shows up.

And so begins the fight everyone goes through before the inevitable teamup. 

I'll do my best to post part 2 tomorrow. :D                                                                  
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I'd love if they did all the Cir-el stuff/Joe Kelly's run. It was weird, but fun.