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Detective Comics #815 - Some Great Alfred Moments

First shot at a post, sorry if there's any problem!

We've seen it from Dick Grayson in Batman and Robin's first run: if these pages from Detective Comics #815 are any indication, stepping into the boots of Batman entails losing a certain skill. Can you guess what it is?

During the party, Alfred is stabbed by an escaped Victor Zsasz. Once again, Alfred shows just how tough a butler can be, which, if you're Alfred, amounts to 'pretty tough'.

Bruce Wayne then announces to the public that Zsasz has failed to kill Alfred in a ploy to lure the murderer out of hiding. After risking getting caught by then-Commissioner Akins and a squad of police, traveling through the sewers and taking down Zsasz in front of Alfred's bed, the following exchange happens:

The art and inking in this issue is so neat and crisp. The story's great, too: easy to digest and little need for continuity, a neat tale wrapped in a two-issue bundle.

But I mostly liked this issue because of Alfred - nice to see he isn't above asking Batman for nice stuff now and then. He deserves it.

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Oh Bruce, just face it, to the rest of the world you're the almighty Batman, but to Alfred, you're merely Bertie Wooster to his Jeeves.
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Oh Alfred, never change, you're perfect the way you are.
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I want to hug whoever wrote this.
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It is amusing that at this point in Batman's history, that despite being an expert in so many things, basic cooking skills apparently escaped his studies.

Like he was Homer Simpson "Can't combine milk and serial without burning it" bad.

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Alfred and Gordon are two members of the Batman Family that needs more love. I love Alfred on year one
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In my headcanon, Alfred already went and bought the Bentley using Bruce's credit card.