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By request, a small selection of the Beasts of Burden story from Dark Horse presents #6 from last year.

I don't have #4.

We join the Beasts of Burden and the Wise Dog elder who is telling a story to the eager young pups. A tale of the Dark Ages, before snack boxes and warm comfortable places. A tale of one particular dog, who was both warrior and mage, and his friend, the noble Alric.

Being the last two survivor's of this quest, the two make their way home, but come upon a bedevilled town under the thrall of an evil wizard, and the tower's main defense.
A basilisk.

Being true heroes, the tired warrior/mages set to rescue the town. They make their way through a forest of thornlings, creatures spawned of thorn and petrified wood, and take on the basilisk in it's stone garden made of warriors who have fallen to it's deadly gaze. Alric waits behind as Bitan, blindfolded, makes great war upon the beast.

Scared, the young pups now give up their need to follow the Beasts of Burden on their patrols, and Pugsley asks if there was truth to the story, as he was always wondering about the Wise Dog's eye. Wise Dog jokingly admits that there was never anything wrong with his eyes.

The end.
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