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My love for the genius that was Jim Henson is fairly well known here I think.

So for Archaia Entertainment to have out, almost simultaneously, two different hardcover publications based on his work (and another to come in the shape of a Labyrinth novella) is a source of unparalleled joy (Well, pretty much unparalleled, within limits y'know) so I want to share these with you all!

First up

Brian Froud (who designed the look of Labyrinth and has quite the output of fantasy work himself) has done character designs for a couple of the major new characters, including that odd little chap on the cover. And the "Volume 1" fills me with warm fuzzy thoughts of a series like this!

Click on the Crystal to be taken to Archaia's page for the title, where you can see much better scans of the title than I could manage.
And then

Now, there is a preview here, but in case that's not enough to tempt you, a couple of pages showing some of the different styles that the different stories are told in.

The French fairy tale of "Puss In Boots" by Marjory Liu and Jennifer L Mayer (And this scans does not begin to do justice to the fabulous art)

The Chinese tale of "The Frog Who became an Emperor", (By Pauol Tobin and Evan Shaner)

I love his reaction to seeing his father arrive is an excited "Dad!" and he's cuter than any frog boy has a right to be...

And one page from the Japanese story of "Momotaro the Peach Boy" (by Ron Marx and Craig Rosseau)

There are nine stories in total, including "The Witch Baby" based on a script for the actual Storyteller series that was never made. That one you'll have to see for yourself, but it's an odd story, and the Witch Baby herself is real nightmare fuel.... Oh, and I'm not posting any from the Colleen Coover because... well, because I want to people to have all the incentive I can think of to go out and buy this, because I want to see this series prosper! :)

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I need to read the Storyteller comics. Thank you for telling us about it!


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