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Firestorm's first comic book series kind of turned into a limited series when one of the periodic industry downturns hit DC and they had to axe a bunch of titles. But the concept and design of the character were pretty cool, so it was decided to give the character another shot.

To start "pushing" the character, the folks at DC decided to have him guest star with Superman in "DC Comics Presents", the "Superman teams up with people" book.

Five and two-thirds pages from DC Comics Presents #17 "The Ice Slaves of Killer Frost!"

Our story opens at the New York City branch of S.T.A.R. Labs, where Superman thinks that Wonder Woman might have been a better choice for the job, were she not away. Said job is using his heat vision to thaw out Killer Frost so that the STAR researchers can do a proper autopsy. This is the original Killer Frost, aka Crystal Frost. She was a scientist working on an arctic energy project called Mohole One when exposure to a super-cooling system altered her molecular structure and gave her both ice powers and a whopping case of insanity.

Her rampage was stopped by Firestorm using a refrigerator, but the effect was fatal, and here we are. Suddenly, a crazy man breaks into the lab.

Superman protects the scientists from icy shrapnel, but then waves of cold freeze them solid. Turns out that while Killer Frost's body was inert, her mind was still active, making her alive and able to take advantage of Superman's precious warmth to return to mobility. Killer Frost then demonstrates a new power--by selectively freezing parts of the brain, she can turn people into zombiefied slaves. Starting with Superman. And now she needs to build a device that will allow her to do this on a city-wide scale.

Below on the street, the security guards are trying to get Dr. Stein into an ambulance when Superman and Killer Frost crash out through a wall. Frost zaps the guards, but Stein is able to duck behind the vehicle in time, and his panic causes a strange reaction....

Professor Stein reminds Ronnie that he's not consciously aware of their Firestorm link, and Firestorm quickly realizes that Killer Frost is on the loose.

Naturally, the one place that Killer Frost would set up a machine to freeze the minds of an entire city is the World Trade Center. Firestorm flies overthere and turns the gadget into glassware.

But defeating Killer Frost herself won't be so easy now that she's got Superman to do her dirty work. Only the fact that Superman's brain isn't firing on all cylinders is allowing Firestorm to even hold his own. While the heroes are fighting, Killer Frost rushes back to STAR Labs for more supplies.

Stein suggests Ronnie take the battle deep inside the earth, which confuses Ronnie until Firestorm reaches the magma layer.

Fortunately, Superman's brain thaws out in the nick of time, and Firestorm briefs the older hero on what's going on.

Back at the STAR Labs building, Killer Frost has zapped some new slaves and is having them build her city domination gadget. Superman appears and mocks Frost. She attempts to bring him under her control again, but he's now unaffected by her cold blasts.

Yep, Firestorm joined the JUstice League and went on to a much more successful solo series.

Your thoughts and comments?

Date: 2012-02-05 09:25 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] kd_the_movie
never knew that a superman invite was how firestorm got in the league...thanks for posting this


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