Date: 2012-02-16 01:19 am (UTC)
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Looks like most people agree that the one by CallMePo looks good, save for the incongruous leather straps. Honestly I feel the same and I'm not sure why they were thrown in as the brown takes away from the otherwise colorful costume :P

Some people have commented they like the white and gold and I'm glad to hear it. I particularly like the last pic although I too was worried about why there seemed so little fabric at the bottom. The artist wanted to evoke a Greek toga and while I think he succeeded overall, I do think he could have made it into a tunic like liara_shadowsong mentioned without losing the effect.

I tried to find redesigns that had white and gold as the dominant colors mainly because I was always rather irked by how an Amazon warrior would wear an outfit based on the American flag with the red, blue and white stars. Yes there are numerous in-universe explanations, and the real-world fact that Wonder Woman (like many other characters) was made in a patriotic spirit but it never sat right with me. Especially since the colors of her costume are more or less the same as Superman's.

In my head, I will always picture Superman decked in red, yellow and blue; Batman in dark blacks and grays; and Wonder Woman in white and gold. Each costume unique and contrasting with the others, yet balanced and complementary. Just like the characters.

My thanks to everyone who commented and viewed!
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