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The Stars of the Upcoming DC Book Ravagers Revealed

Other than Rose Wilson, obviously, we seem to have this lot.

So Caitlin Fairchild, a woman who I THINK might be her Gen13 co-star Sarah Rainmaker, a woman who I have a feeling might be a rebooted Livewire, a black version of Havoc, someone who I think is a younger brother of that Wolverineish dude from Legion, and a bloke who I think is meant to be part Daemonite or something.

Also, judging from the Teen Titans Annual that is also coming out, it appears that possibly Static Shock might be a member too. And that the Legion of Superheroes have been kidnapped by NOWHERE as well.

A thing that I thought was amusing, on a personal level, about the interview in the above link. Apparently the Teen Titans wasn't meant to be formed for another eight or so years.

So my Damian, Jenny Quantum, Milagro Reyes, Maxine Baker Teen Titans team is slightly more likely to exist, yay!
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They're NOWHERE prisoner/containment suits.