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Red Hood #6 Preview: An interesting creative change, and the return of a (semi) beloved costume...

 So today UGO posted a preview for next week's Red Hood & The Outlaws #6, which looks to be a completely flashback issue about the first meeting between Jason and Starfire.

Two things I noticed: One is that Lobdell isn't doing the full scripts for this issue, but rather Josh Williamson of the "Supergirl/Damian" S/B issue fame and current writer of Voodoo.

Second will be put under a cut.

That's right! Whlie Dick's Robin costume seemed to have had some tweaks, it looks like his initial Discowing costume is still around!
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I started thinking "things" when I read "what an ass," but now that you mentioned panel 1...I can't unsee it now.
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i've done me good deed for dah day :D