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Why you should read War of Kings.

Two scans from War of Kings #1.

Crystal and Ronan's sham wedding gets under way, while Emperor Vulcan, not invited, decides to crash it.


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Oh shit?

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I get the feeling that serious fucking heads are gonna role in this book.

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How long have the artists been remembering Rachel's facial tattoos?

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I thought she was still covering them up with her powers?

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It's one of those ironic things: after years of angst and finally getting rid of them, she discovers that they're the Kree version of a parking permit and either has to get them back on or have her spaceship impounded.

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What, did Ahab retroactively have a Kree fetish or something?

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No, Rachel got rid of her Houndmarks in Excalibur 52. Why they're back is probably in Kingbreaker #4 (which hasn't come out yet- great scheduling, Marvel!)

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Ronan looks about ready to shove his hammer FAR, FAR up Vulcan's ass.

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Heh. Black Bolt/Ronon will fuck your shit up.

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I really like the team up of kree and inhuman. It's Kirby-tastic!

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I love it when I can cheer Ronan. I hated GotG recently because Ronan was not a good guy. I mean I still found it well written and entertaining, but dammit, Annihilation has made me love cheering for Ronan.
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...did you teleport five years into the past just to tell us this?

[identity profile] 2009-03-05 06:31 pm (UTC)(link) know, I can't remember the last time I saw Karnak use his inhuman-fu to, you know, actually wail on people.

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So which character is a parody of which Legion character? I'm not up to date on my Shiar.