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Batwoman #6

Oh boy, do I ever love these moments.
Kathy Kane being awesome. Select spread pages from the issue behind the cut.

I get GOOSEPIMPLES bad when someone does this very well in comics.
And this was done very well.
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I am very disappointed in the art on this issue, because, as I implied above, I feel Reeder is one of the best artists DC currently has on staff - it's still better than most, but it's way below Reeder's work on Madam Xanadu or the 0 issue - and think that mostly it's that she's trying to ape Williams a bit for the Batwoman scenes and that doesn't do her any favours - especially since the colourist apparently isn't in on the format the way the ones on the 0 issue and Williams' run were. When she's totally in her own style (the scenes with Kate and Maggie), it's fucking beautiful.

If they did it the same way Williams' run did - making only minor changes to her actual pencilling style and denoting the switches mostly with colouring changes, it would serve her much better.

That said, the bookend scenes (the worst looking scenes in the issue) look like neither Reeder's usual style, nor Reeder-channelling-Williams, so I don't know what the hell happened to her there.