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Batman #6

Boy, the preview I posted sure painted a dire picture for the Dark Knight.

How would you ever get out of this one, Batman?


Batman has been drugged from eight long days of his ordeal. He hungry, exhausted, stabbed and beaten to be as defenseless as a newborn, and willing to give up in order to stop the pain, the Court of Owls is ready to claim their prize.

1. Mistake #1: You monologued/gloated.
2. Mistake #2: You gave Batman hallucinogenic drugs.
3. Mistake #3: You reminded him that innocent people were in peril, or were your victims...

You f'ed up.

Batman is unleashed.

(And my fan-boy heart goes aflutter..)
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All my love for this issue. Snyder and Capullo are amazing. <3