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i don;t liike this... i don't HATE it... but i don't like this.... *well i hate the slap... im sure he could have done something else to "threaten her" and shock Paco back without actually physically striking her....

however, i can't abandon this series... i loved it before and i am holding on for dear life that SOME of the old magic will come back... hoping for some of Jaime to rub off on Kaji-Dah or something.... i just... i can't let go...
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It's a hope in vain.

The mood and tone for the series has already been established, and short of a new writer, that's not likely to change.

A film Student's tip: If you don't like a movie after the first 10 to 20 minutes, you're free to leave at your leisure. You're unlikely to like what's to come.