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I would try, the vastly updated structuralism Theory, from the Polysistems to the Actor Network displays deep interst in relationships rather than focusing on individual parts. Relationships are determined by difference, everything is related.

The pieces on Gender relationships are both sexes, their interaction determines their genders and the function of that genders. While some theory focused on how in the XIX century men opressed woman the field I work tries to determine how women fought back, both cultural despiction and historic research lead us to think women seek a way to empower herself through the same tactics men used to exclude them. While women were often closed inside the house they adquire an authority over House problems and issues. Etc

This different roles are asigned soccially but the posibilities are determined by the canvas/world that is segmented into signs (this actually camed from Linguistic Formalism). In this case biology, from the way the brain works to sexual biology (hormones. Menstruation, etc.) is a difference that is used to arrange a structure/system.

A woman has a different aproach to things that would only get a meaning in the structure/system (is sometimes called ideology or power relationship) here we can see "femenine" caracterisations can be positive or negative.

Short: the diference on the sexes doesnt mean gender caracterisation, the antropological unit is Bio Psico Social. Biology is an important part, dont trow It away.

Biology can also be used in the power play to make a binary oposotion or a dicotomy that give one of the two powr ober the other, It doesnt have ro be this way. Is not the difference but the way It is played.

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