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Order of the Stick's Kickstarter Donation Drive breaks $1,000,000

Yeah, so the creator of Order of the Stick started a Kickstarter fundraising drive to raise the money he needed to reprint the collected editions of the webcomic, and a few weeks ago it broke records for donation drives such as this by breaking £25,000.

Well, it seems that people haven't stopped donating money, and as of the time of this post they'd gotten up to $1,010,766, when the initial goal they were going for was $57,750.

Yikes, I know that the webcomic was popular, but not THAT popular!

For the legalities,

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I wasn't surprised when Double Fine Adventure did this. I am damn surprised OotS did.
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-Yikes, I know that the webcomic was popular, but not THAT popular!-

Second biggest on the web behind xkcd, I believe.
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Color me not even vaguely surprised. It has a very big, very loyal fanbase that it's definitely earned.
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Sadly, those Gloves will not be like the diamond.

(And I love the pledger lineup: Empire of Blood guardsman, Guy Who Tried To Shoot Hinjo, unfortunate gnome merchant, and a hobgoblin. All people who'd definitely put down the 500.)
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I am shocked it has this kind of following. But then again, I just hadn't heard anything about it in years. The strip was great at first -- I joined in very early on and read until about the beginning of 2009, but by then was put off by Rich's complaining, his constant begging for money, and the slow pace of the strip (not the updating schedule, I mean the actual plot). Since I never heard anyone talk about OotS from the time I stopped reading it until this fundraiser, I didn't realize it was so popular people were willing to give Burlew a million bucks for it.