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So, reality kind of kicked my butt for awhile, and I haven't been on Scans_Daily in months. Man I missed you guys! <3

And I never continued my scans of IDW's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series, which I started with Issue #1 back in Septmber. Time to rectify this. This time, I'm going more in-depth with the story, so be forewarned, there be spoilers about!

I've got 7 of 22 pages, plus a preview panel from Issue #1. When last we read TMNT, a homeless Raph has just barged into a home where a father was beating his son, Casey. Raph doesn't like bullies...

Casey's dad is unimpressed by the giant turtle that just broke down his door, and Casey is trying to tell Raphael that he's got this covered. 'It's fine, dude, he's just drun--'

Dear ol' dad backhands him in the mouth. And Raph is done talking. He gets a few good shots on Mr. Jones, but the drunkard doesn't go down easy. It's pretty obvious that Raphael doesn't have his usual ass-kicking skills just yet as Daddy gets the upper hand, and goes to give him an elbow drop in the back....

Mr Jones takes off like a scalded dog, driving off in his car (, and Casey tells his savior to leave it, this happens all the time. Of course, not often a giant green guy busts the door down to help. Raph apologizes for the door, and asks Casey if he's alright.

"Dunno tell me. I'm just wonderin' where the heck did you come from?"

We now segue into a flashback, similar to the one in issue 1. Only this time it's of 15 months earlier, where StockGen intern April has been working for three months. This particular night has April working late at StockGen on a school report, due to 'stupid slow internet at the dorms.'

She's startled by the local lab rat, who's been named 'Spinter'; she doesn't like him as much as those four cute turtles we saw in issue 1. But tonight, Splinter's brought her a gift, a computer disk. He's an odd little rat...


Ninja 1 tells Ninja 2 to kill her, while he gets the 'specimens'. April's understandably not believing any of this is real; after all, ninjas? Really? It gets real pretty quick when the katana is raised to strike, and she manages to dodge (though the disk is wrecked). Meanwhile, they all forget about the other person in the room.

Okay, so he's a really odd little rat.

Night security arrives at the sound of the alarm, and April's okay (if traumatized), but the ninja's have already vanished, off to the city rooftops with the turtles and some test tubes in tow in a bag.

Dude... this rat is Batman.

Ninja 1 drops the bag to the streets below, and throws Splinter after it. But as if the 4 story fall and 2 ninjas aren't enough to deal with, another threat is on the ground with them... an alley cat, which has one of the turtles in it's mouth.

We now return to present day, where Splinter, Mikey, Don, and Leo are in their sewer home, and they are discussing the chances of finding Raphael. Splinter wouldn't be searching if he didn't believe they would, Leo follows Splinter's lead, and Don says the odds of finding him in a city the size of New York are astronomical. Splinter replies that there a greater powers in existence than statistics.

Mikey comments that the 'greater powers' should hurry; he'd rather be kicking Hob's tail than wasting time looking in every alley for Raph.

No, his dad will forget all this by the morning, and thanks Raph for jumping in to help, commenting how this might have been one of the 'rougher nights' with his old man. Raph admits he's surprised at how well he's taking...well, him. That he's not scared of him. Casey just laughs it off; 'compared to my old man, you're a teddy bear.'

Dammit, I'm such a sucker for Casey and Raph bromance. Or y'know, just Casey/Raph...but that's another story. *g*

I'll probably do one issue post a week until I catch up to the series, then wait a month so I can do 7-page entries for each issue. I also highly recommend that if you like what I post, to pick up the ongoing and/or the first TPB (with issues #1-5)

Now a question to the MOD's: The TMNT series currently has a microseries going, showcasing each individual turtle. It plays into the storyline of the ongoing, so does it count as a separate entity and scan accordingly, or use it as part of the ongoing?
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It's when the boss asks... "Was it the creepy one with the big head, or the deranged one that said "Narf!" a lot?"
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Re: I can't believe I remembered this scene...

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And let's not forget that Pinky has an actual superpower; He's a fructokinetic
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They probably went "Look, the rat was... huge! It must have been trained to guard the place or something."

And then later Splinter is huge and one goes "I am never letting you make up an excuse for us ever again."