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H.E.R.O. #6 - You too, can be a H.E.R.O.!

In light of the upcoming Dial H for Hero series, here's a few pages from Will Pfeiffer and Kano's 2003 series, H.E.R.O!

Because the series follows the H-Dial as it passes on from person to person, it really explored the H-Dial's potential in a way that a single owner might not be able to do. It's one of the things I loved about this series.

The other thing I liked about H.E.R.O was its myth arc: there's a war between an evil 'Jackpot' H.E.R.O (implied to have all the powers the H-Dial can offer) and the other side is made up of ex-H-Dial users through the series who've retained their powers, led by a middle-aged Robby Reed. It made for some pretty good reading; kind of like, I dunno, The Stand, except with Robby Reed.

Previously on H.E.R.O:
Matt Allen, a plastic fantastic businessman, becomes addicted to the power of the H-Dial. After ruining his career and losing touch with his family, he returns from supehero-ing one night to find his wife and daughter gone and the dial missing. Miles away, Andrea, his daughter, fiddles with a strange device she found among her father's things...

Andrea Allen, sick of the constant bickering among and her friends, has decided to get rid of the H-Dial. She has had enough of the
' Whose turn is it be a Superhero' argument, in addition to their principal's growing suspicions about her.

I'm excited for Dial H, I'm just thinking that H.E.R.O. already brought several of the most interesting ideas and story arcs into play. Here's hoping that Mister Miéville brings his A-game to a series that has as much potential as there are heroes on the H-Dial.

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How Awesome would it have been if this was in Batman: Brave and the Bold? To have the voice actors from Ben10 with the dials, turning into heroes with all kinds of powers, but none as cool as the power of BATMAN!
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I would sell a kidney to have seen that.